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>>> Release of the Exit Euthanasia Drug Test Kit

27 April, 2009

Dr Philip Nitschke, will demonstrate the use of the Exit euthanasia drug test kit in London on Sun 3 May.
Exit will provide free test for people who have obtained these drugs. The kits (pictured) shows if the sample tested is (a) a barbiturate and (b) if it is of sufficient strength to provide a peaceful death at the time of one’s choosing.
Speaking from Darwin, before leaving Australia for the UK, Dr Nitschke said that the kits had been developed by Exit when it was realised there was a growing need for a method of testing euthanasia drugs.


“Larger numbers of people are now acquiring the euthanasia drug Nembutal from a variety of uncertain sources so that they have access to this lethal drug should their health deteriorate. This often leads to anxiety over the efficacy of the drug they have obtained, especially if it has been stored for some time – and the test kits will go a long way towards addressing this concern”.
The euthanasia drug test kits will also be discussed at the series of public meeting and workshops being held in the UK by Dr Nitschke from May 4 - 10
Read an account of the Exit Nembutal Test Kit in TIME

>>> "Suicide Tourist" screening on National Australian Television

On Thursday 27 August 2008, at 8.30pm the documentary "The Suicide Tourist" will screen nationally in Australia on ABC1.
This powerful documentary gives an accurate account of the last weeks of MND sufferer Craig Ewarts life as he travels to Switzerland for an assisted suicide with the help of the Dignitas organisation.
In Perth quadriplegic Christian Rossiter is considering this "Swiss Option" as a possible alternative to the death by starvation that the Western Australian Supreme Court ruled was his right earlier this month.
An On-Line forum will follow the screening at 9.30pm AEST. Contributing will be:
  • Dr Philip Nitschke, Australia's best known euthanasia advocate, medical doctor and director of the pro-euthanasia group Exit International.
  • Christopher Pearson, a leading conservative and Roman Catholic intellectual and journalist who opposes euthanasia for humanistic as well as theological reasons
To joint the discussion - click HERE

>>> Exit Member Chris Rossiter Wins Right to Die by Starvation - A Victory or Curse?

23 Sept09 Chris
Vale - Chris Rossiter
Chris Rossiter passed away as a result of a chest infection on the evening of Sunday 20 September.  Chris was a proud man and a courageous fighter for a person's right to choose. Exit will miss him greatly.
17 Aug09
On Friday 14 August 2008, the Western Australian Supreme Court ruled that Exit member, Christian Rossiter, has the legal right to cease being fed through his stomach peg by institutional carers, Brightwater Nursing Home.
With Chris in the court was Exit Director, Dr Philip Nitschke, who told waiting media "It's a very important decision and it's such a victory for common sense.  The idea that they would have come back with some direction that his wishes would not be complied with is just to awful to think about" (read the full AFP report HERE).
Chris has been in close contact with Exit over several months, attempting to establish his end of life options. A quadriplegic following a car accident, the 49 year old former stockbroker has become an outspoken advocate for a person's right to choose.
To date, Chris focused on either travelling to the Swiss assisted suicide organisation, Dignitas, or starving himself to death.  His repeated theme to Exit is that he is a "prisoner trapped within his body." 
To read more about this breaking story, visit ABC Online.

>>> Angy's Choice - 57 year old Palliative Care Nurse Achieves a Peaceful Death

25 March, 2009
Exit member, Angy Belecciu, died peacefully in a motel room in Melbourne after drinking a lethal dose of the Euthanasia drug, Nembutal, on the evening of Monday 23 March 2009. 
Suffering from breast cancer that had spread to her bones & a fierce defender of a person's right to a peaceful & dignified passing at a time of their choosing, Angy Belecciu is a proud & brave voice for change where end-of-life laws are concerned.
In January 2008, Angie paid for two other elderly Exit members to travel to Mexico to obtain Nembutal on her behalf.   Suffering from the asbestos cancer Mesolthelioma, 78 year old Don Flounders & his wife Iris (85) travelled to Mexico with Channel 7 News, returning to Australia with 3 bottles of the deadly liquid.  Don continues to fight his cancer.  Mr and Mrs Flounders said they were "saddened" by Angy's death but relieved they had provided her with a very special choice.
To read the 1900 word article that appeared on the front page of The Age newspaper on Wednesday 25 March 2009, click HERE.

>>> 78 Year Old Grandmother of Five Included on Australian Government Website Blacklist

23 March, 2009
Retired Nurse Educator, Mrs Betty Peters OAM, has lambasted the Federal Government for the inclusion of her YouTube video “Do It Yourself with Betty” and “Betty makes a Peaceful Pill” on the ACMA blacklist of banned websites. 
A member of Exit International, as part of her volunteer work with Exit Mrs Peters has made several videos, aimed at providing the elderly and seriously ill with practical information about voluntary euthanasia. The videos are routinely shown at Exit workshops around Australia, New Zealand and overseas and are included in the video edition of  The Peaceful Pill eHandbook by Dr Philip Nitschke.

Speaking from her home in Ivanhoe in Melbourne, Mrs Peters said she was “outraged” at the government’s big brother attitude to Australian senior citizens. “My generation has lived through a lot, including WWII.  We more than most people know about death and many of us don’t want to suffer the pain and indignity of illness or a prolonged period as a vegetable in a nursing home.”

“My videos aim to teach people how to take control of their dying days.  As adults it is our right to make these decisions.  We do not need a 40 year old Senator like Stephen Conroy deciding for us what is good and bad. I am appalled that our free country has come to this.”

The secret ACMA blacklist that was leaked on the Internet on Friday (see www.wikileaks.org) and contains 3 banned YouTube and VEOH videos, 2 of which feature Mrs Peters.  None of the videos provide explicit instruction on Suicide.  In November 2008, the New Zealand Literature Review Board ruled that “DIY with Betty” contained no “objectionable” material and should receive an unrestricted classification. 


>>> Exit 2009 Exitutorial & Webinar Schedule Now Available

4 March, 2009
Exit's 2009 program of Public Meetings, Exitutorials (formerly known as information workshops) together with the launch of Exit Webinars is now available by clicking HERE
The year's program begins with meetings in Melbourne & Sydney before the UK in May, where Exit International will be holding public meetings in Bournemouth, Eastbourne, Stroud and Glasgow, followed by Singapore mid month.
Exit's brand new Webinar series will also launch in early May opening attendance to all corners of the world. Details will be posted in April at: Peacefulpill.com
In Australia, Exitutorials begin in earnest in late May & extend from Cairns in Far Nth Queensland down to Coffs Harbour on the mid Nth Coast of NSW before heading to New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Nelson & Dunedin) and Tasmania in July.

The program for the second half of the year will be published in June and will include the USA.

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>>> Ambitious Community Education Program Planned as Government Trials 'Clean Feed'

5 January, 2009
An ambitious Community Education program of Public Meetings and Exitutorials is scheduled for 2009 in over 100 locations across 3 continents.  Meanwhile, the Australian Government's 'Clean Feed' (mandatory Internet filtering) initiative looms large.
Driven by the Federal Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, the Government is pushing forward with a naive and highly oppressive program to enforce ISP-level censorship of a confindential blacklist of 3000 websites and up to 10,000 so-called 'objectionable' sites.  Despite strong opposition from civil liberties and free speech groups (Electronic Frontiers Australia, Council of Civil Liberties, Getup.org) on both technical and philosophical grounds, trials are currently being conducted with implementation due for later in the year.

Key topics for censorship include 'Euthanasia', child pornography, online gambling, abortion and so on. As the only voluntary euthanasia themed website to attract significant Internet traffic, several of Exit's sites are being targeted.

Exit International believes that the provision of accurate end-of-life information in the context of age and serious illness is essential because it gives people control over this most important decision. It is disappointing to watch the Australian government bow to pressure from the Australian Christian Lobby and use censorship to restrict discussion on end-of-life choices. If Exit's sites become blocked, the provision of end-of-life information will be driven underground and those who need this information the most will be most disadvantaged.

>>>Toowoomba Exit Meeting & Workshop Goes Ahead

16 November 2008

Last minute re-arrangements saw Exit International successful in locating a new venue for its public meeting and workshop in Toowoomba on Tuesday 18 November 2008 after the Grand Central Shopping Centre cancelled Exit's meeting room booking following pressure from local Christian groups.
The new venue was the Railway Institute at 32 Bellevue St Toowoomba. The new meeting time is 2.30pm.  Inquiries: 1300 62 62 97.

Press coverage of the politics of the venue cancellation can be read in the Press Feed (at left). Exit is pleased to announce a new Chapter is currently being established in Toowoomba. The Chapter's first meeting will be held early January 2009. Call the above phone number for details.

>>> Exit Debuts with London Voluntary Euthanasia Workshop

15 Oct 08

Plans by Exit International to hold a second UK Voluntary Euthanasia meeting on Sunday 19 October have been cancelled. This is due to four main reasons.
1. Local Councils advised all hotels not to hire a room to Exit.
2. Police Chief Dick Coates erroneously stated that a public meeting would be a crime.
3. Prayer vigils were planned for locations involved, further scaring venue managers.
4. The staunchly conservative VE Society of the UK advised individual members against becoming involved with Exit. 
Exit will return to the UK and the Southern Counties in March 2009 to hold meetings in Bournemouth, Eastbourne and Brighton. Other meetings will be held in Stroud and London.

Contact Exit's London coordinator on 020-7193-1557 for details. 
Caption: Dr Philip Nitschke speaking at the 'Dementia, VE & the Law' Conference, Sydney - 22 September 2008

>>> Angelique Flowers Appeals to Prime Minister Rudd

13 Sept 08


In August 2008, 31year old cancer sufferer Angelique Flowers recorded her appeal to the Prime Minister of Australia for voluntary euthanasia legislation. In the film she says,

"I don't believe in stoicism. I freely admit to not being a brave soul who grins and bears the pain and soldiers on," she says in the video, filmed during one of her last day trips from her hospice bed.

"I deeply admire people who rise above the adversity and their suffering. But I haven't grown from my illness or become a better person from its torments. All I want after 16 years of painful Crohn's disease and now cancer is to die a pain-free peaceful death.

"Because euthanasia was banned in Australia I am denied this right …

"We finally have in Kevin Rudd a prime minister who is a person as well as a politician. A man who had the conscience to say sorry to our indigenous people, the integrity to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

"I beg the Labor Government to continue beating with the heart it has shown and to ensure euthanasia is made legal once again.

"The law wouldn't let a dog suffer the agony I'm going through before an inevitable death. It would be put down. Yet under the law, my life is worth less than a dog's."


Angelique contacted Exit and used YouTube to seek and obtain Nembutal. She was comforted when she finally had the drug and died on Aug 19th of her cancer.


Her recorded message for the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd is shown below:


Her YouTube appeal run in early August 2008 is shown below:


>>> Call to ban 'Killing me Softly'

13 July 2008

In May 2008 40 year old psychiatric patient Erin Berg travelled from her home in West Australia to Tijuana Mexico . She was found unconscious in her hotel room and later died in hospital. Her sisters claimed she had been influenced by Exit and had obtained information about obtaining the euthanasia drug Nembutal by reading the book 'Killing me Softly' by Dr Philip Nitschke & Dr Fiona Stewart. Her sisters have asked the Federal Attorney General to immediately restrict this book.

'Killing me Softly' was published in 2005 by Penguin. It details the philosophical position of Exit that all rational adults should have access to the means of a peaceful death. It is a book that is widely distributed and used as source material in a number of teaching courses on voluntary euthanasia. It is not a ‘how to’ book and provides no details on sourcing euthanasia drugs.
When Ms Berg first made contact with Exit in December 2007, she was assessed as someone we were unable to help because of her age and history of psychiatric illness. Her death is a tragedy but not one that Exit takes responsibility for.
To read the record of contact between Ms Berg and Exit - click HERE
To read the exchange of email between the family of Ms Berg and Exit - click HERE

>>> International Interest in Mexican 'Peaceful Pill'

26 May 2008
A report in the influential Mexican newspaper Reforma on the issue of elderly people obtaining their "Peaceful Pill" in Mexico has sparked international interest in the work of Exit International.
Terminally ill Don Flounders, 75 and his wife Iris travelled from their home in Victoria, Australia to Mexico in Feb 2008 to obtain Nembutal so that he could have a peaceful death at the time of his choosing. He spoke publically of his journey on return and his house was subsequently raided by Australian Federal police.
His journey was only one of over 200 that have been recorded by Exit International.
In May 2006, Reforma ran a detailed account of the "Mexican Option"
To read the Reforma Report - click HERE
To read the AFP Report - click HERE
Caption:     Photo of Don & Iris Flounders from Reforma

>>> NZ Peaceful Pill Handbook Approved by Censor

12 May 2008

News that the NZ Chief Censor Bill Hastings has given a R18 classification to the modified Peaceful Pill Handbook has been welcomed by Exit as a victory for commonsense. The original book was denied distribution by the NZ Office of Film and Liteature Classification in 2007.    A redacted version with a number of offending pages, paragraphs and diagrams blacked out was provided for reconsideration in Feb 2008.
The book is expected to be in NZ bookshops by the end of May. It will be on sale only to people over the age of 18 and must be sealed with an R18 warning label.
To read the Chief Censor's reasons for his decision - click HERE
To read more of the history of censorship of this book see
Chief NZ Censor Bill Hastings with The Peaceful Pill Handbook

>>> ExitNet features on Australian National TV

Cooperation between Seriously Ill Exit Members Leads to Good Outcomes for Both

3 March 2008
Don and Iris set out to help each other and their friend Angie obtain the drugs necessary for a peaceful and reliable end-of-life option.
They are all Victorian Exit members and Don and Angie are both seriously ill. Because of this, Don says, he has "nothing to loose."
To see their story see Channel 7 National News, 3rd - 4th March, 2008.
(Above) Don and Iris eating Tacos in Tijuana Mexico to celebrate the successful aquisition of their euthanasia drug, mid Feb 2008.
To view video of Don and Iris Mexican trip - click HERE
To watch Angie explaining why she asked Don to help - click HERE
To view the Federal Police raid on Don and Angie's house - click HERE
Read Don's Views in DON'S DIARY - click HERE
To email Don, click HERE

>>> DIY with Betty: Exit Launches YouTube.com Videos Ahead of New Digital Version of Peaceful Pill Handbook

Doing it with Betty

1 January 2008

The first of 16 instructional video clips on end-of-life options by Exit International. These clips will be launched in early 2008 and form part of the new On-Line edition of The Peaceful Pill Handbook.

The first four describe the use of helium and the plastic Exit bag. 
Eight will be posted on the steps involved in making a Peaceful Pill.
The final four on extending the shelf life of Nembutal.
Some of these clips will also be released to YouTube.com
(NOTE: In August 2008 YouTube forced the removal of the"Doing it with Betty" video claiming "content violation"! At that time it was the most viewed Voluntary Euthanasia film on YouTube.  
"Doing it with Betty" was immediately placed on www.veoh.com )
To read more about the forthcoming e-version of The Peaceful Pill Handbook click HERE or go to www.peacefulpill.com
To view Doing it with Betty - click HERE or on Veoh.com pictures. 

>>> Attorney General Threatens Exit Workshops

16 October 2007
16 Oct 2007 - Exit Director Dr Philip Nitschke has received a letter from the office of the Attorney General Philip Ruddock claiming that the use of The Peaceful Pill Handbook or the YouTube video The Single Shot is in breach of the law. Details of this have been forwarded to the Victorian Police.

This appears to be a reaction by a Federal government upset by the activities of Exit and the candidacy of Exit Director Philip Nitschke in the forthcoming Federal election where he will challenge the anti euthanasia religious zealot, sitting member Kevin Andrews.

To read the AG's letter and the Exit response – click HERE 
To read Greg Barns report for Crikey; click HERE 


>>> Menzies Campaign Ready to Launch

Corflute election signs ready for distribution
16 September 2007
The campaign against Kevin Andrews in his seat of Menzies in Victoria is ready to go. A team of support has been assembled led by campaign director Lindy Boyd.

Generous donations from around Australia has given the project a budget of ~$100,000 which will enable a thorough campaign to be mounted.

Exit Director Dr Philip Nitschke has described the campaign as very exciting.

"This is a chance to give the voters of Menzies a chance to vote for a candidate that represents real choice - Kevin Andrews has been in parliament for over a decade and consistently worked to control and restrict - this is something we intend to change".

To visit Dr Nitschke's Campaign Website click HERE 


>>> Single Shot: Exit Members make progress on the Peaceful Pill

28 August 2007

In July 2007 Exit International members gathered in Queensland to trial the "Single Shot" coffee pot pressure vessel for the manufacture of the euthanasia Peaceful Pill.

The equipment was developed by Exit members in South Australia and uses small quantities of ingredients to make a single Peaceful Pill in a process that takes less than 8 hours and can be carried out in the kitchen.

The video shows the process.


>>> VE Challenge to Kevin Andrews

Kevin Andrews with leader John Howard
8 July 2007
Exit Director Dr Philip Nitschke will challenge Federal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews at the next Federal Election.

It is now ten years since Andrews led the campaign to overturn the world's first Voluntary Euthanasia law.

Dr Nitschke will set up a VE campaign office in the seat of Menzies in Doncaster, Victoria.
Campaign manager will be Lindy Boyd who has worked with Dr Nitschke in the previous (1998) campaign against Andrews.

To read about the Challenge; click HERE 
To see how you can assist the campaign – click HERE