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Going to Switzerland

Special Swiss Help for Exit Members

For anyone who has ever applied for a VAD at any of the clinics in Switzerland, you will know that there is a ton of bureaucracy that goes along with the ‘Swiss option’.

The Swiss authorities demand an inexhaustive list of personal and public documents (eg. birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates). Some documents need to be the originals, re-issued no more than 6 months ago. Some documents need to be certified by a public notary.

Medical records are also required. Psychiatric reports will be required if the person has a psychiatric or neurological condition.

This includes diseases such as ALS/ MND, Parkinsons and MS, even though these conditions do not normally impact a person’s mental capacity.

Exit offers 2 Services for Exit Members

1. Application Assistance Program – Open to All Exit Members

The proper compilation of the paperwork described above takes time and know-how.

For those who do not have a family member or friend to help them: someone who is Internet savvy and who knows which government departments need to be approached for which paperwork and can follow-up all the loose ends, Exit is able to step in to help.

Please note, the service described below requires an experienced consultant and this consultant charges Exit for this service.

The Application Assistance Program (AAP) is exclusive for Exit Members.

This assistance program includes but is not limited to: website application, identification of government agencies, assistance with document certification, document advice, review, collation and travel and accommodation advice and assistance (inc permits, visas etc).

The AAP involves the consultant’s continual real-time liaison with the relevant organisation: in short, the Assistance Program covers every part of the administration process that is required in order to secure the ‘Green Light’ of approval.

Note – Exit is unable to guarantee an applicant the Green Light of approval. If Exit considers that the person is unlikely to obtain a green light, this will be stated at the outset of the process.

The AAP applies to all Swiss services. The AAP fee is USD1200.

If you are a Member of Exit, you may request the Swiss Application Assistance Program here

2. Swiss ID Service – Exclusive for Exit Life Members

Everyone who dies at a VAD organisation in Switzerland must have their body identified after death by someone who knew them. While most people are accompanied by a family member or friend, for those who go alone Exit offers a unique ID Service.

The Exit ID service involves a representative from Exit liaising with the Exit Life Member prior to their departure for Switzerland and then meeting them in person on their arrival in Switzerland and being with them on their last day at the nominated clinic. The Exit person can even travel with the person to Switzerland, depending upon the person’s country of origin. There is much flexibility in this program.

The actual ID service takes place after the VAD once the authorities arrive at the clinic to investigate the circumstances of the death.

There is no cost for the ID service, other than reimbursement of the travel and accommodation expenses of the Exit representative.

You may request the Exit ID Service by emailing

You are welcome to join as an Exit Life Member

More information about Exit Membership

Sam Lara and Henny at Pegasos Swiss Association

Sam Lara and Henny the dog at the clinic after the death of Laura Henkel, in December 2019. Sam would go on to make the documentary Laura’s Choice with her mother Cathy Henkel.